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I've been reading Andrew Gelman's blog often enough that when I come across the term "pizzagate" my mind first goes to Brian Wansink's bogus food research. There we actually do have supposedly respectable institutions misleading the public and then trying to sweep misconduct under the rug, mostly just because it would be embarrassing to admit that they got suckered by this upjumped marketer.

Did the French get particularly interested because of the fashion industry there or the lingering French character of New Orleans?

Good to hear from you, TGGP.

Not sure I fully understand the connection your making between Wansink's shenanigans and pizzagate, but if the point is that there was messy embarrassment to contend with in both cases, then I think that's true. WRT to pizza chatter, the thing about the emails and the web sleuthing that followed is that at least some of what was revealed didn't exactly slot up with Snopes-ish attempts at tidy debunking. The anti-myth dynamic in Morin's study is relevant, I think.

I may misunderstand you, but I don't think the episode in Orleans France had anything to do with New Orleans. A teenage obsession with fashion was almost certainly part of the story, though. Trends showcased in magazines were something that French girls obsessed about; there was a sexual undercurrent to it, along with the lure of big city life. It's important to recognize that information spread and assimilated differently before the advent of ubiquitous lightspeed transmission.

Making a note to bookmark Gelman's blog. Thanks.

The first thing that's always done is to say this phenomenon is a rumor.

This so-called rumor keeps re-appearing over and over in all parts of the world where jews establish themselves. They're welcome until they start subverting their host culture.

Maybe it's time to stop being afraid of the "bigotry" label and start investigating these claims. Once you do, you'll see that hatred doesn't come from nowhere.

It was the jews afterall who transformed modern-day France into the violent Islamic hell-hole it is today. It was done under the guise of diversity but it only benefits them.

If you're a Jew or closed-minded leftist, you'll deny this without giving it any thought because the books you cherry-pick are there to confirm your bias.

If truth makes you angry, you're living a lie.

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