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I've been reading a lot fewer books than I was when I began reading the Hog. I could blame the ever present temptation to consume some other bite-sized portion on the internet, but I had the internet when I was younger. The difference now is that I'm older. After giving up reading novels for years, I've taken them up again (just old scifi so far), alternating them with non-fiction. But now if I read a work of non-fiction I feel obligated to compile my notes into a blog post before returning (which is why I've still got a book I checked out more than half a decade ago). I told myself I was going to do that yesterday and then today, but I already checked out the next book and I find myself typing this comment on your blog rather than working. Thinking of things as work to be completed is why I stopped playing computer games back in college, and back then it actually did free up time to read more books. I've even got the LibriVox audio recording of Don Quixote book 2 on my phone, but somewhere along the way I shifted to just listening to disposable podcasts instead.

Continually acquiring more copies of a book you already possess sounds like the Mel Gibson character in "Conspiracy Theory", although I suppose it's less weird the more different books you do that for.

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