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Whoa. I suppose I'm a coward in that I've avoided having my real name associated with Myth, but my small connection to it is one of the few things I have to be proud of. I'm less interested in the internecine squabbles of any particular political movement than I was when I got Brian Doherty's book, but it's still unfortunate he won't be around to give an account.

Despite usually not having an internet connection, he did briefly correspond with me. In contrast to his handwritten notes, I was surprised to find some misspellings from someone who'd worked as a proofreader. Different media, I suppose.

While writing a review of 'Myth of Natural Rights' I thought that a few words about egoism would help the reader. A few words turned into two essays, two into four or five. I remembered some older egoist essays I'd written, put them all together, and out came "Confessions of a Failed Egoist" (Baltimore: Underworld Amusements). Thanks to Loompanics, thanks to 9 Banded Books, and thanks to L. A. Rollins.


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