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Thanks for running this, Chip. As I said, the world needs more publishers like you. It's good to know you're out there doing the work! Thanks again.

The only revisionist I'm aware of who ever really looked into the Holocaust as a Syke War "black ops" is the person who calls himself "denierbud." He really pushed the revisionist ball farther down the field with his excellent 4.5 hours of videos entitled "One Third of the Holocaust." His site is down now, but before it disappeared there was a text addenda there which was an account of a telephone conversation he'd had with a veteran U.S. Syke War soldier named Rosenberg (I think) who helped write The Buchenwald Report. David Cole may not be a "Gas Chamber" guy, but he's still a death camp "Forensics Fellow" and all of them together are a circular firing squad that has been squabbling like red headed step-children for twenty five years. "Snipey Sniperton" is my pet name for David Cole because he reminds me so much of Bob Goldhwait chasing French mimes out of the park in Bobcat's comedy Shakes the Clown. Now to cut to the chase, I think the forensics debate over how the dirty Holocaust deed was done is fine enough, but only if you want to spend the rest of your life with David and The Death Camps Posse mired in dreary death camp minutae.
The gift "denierbud" gave us, aside from condensing twenty five years of revisionist research into a series of 5 minute videos for the ADDs set, is to crack open the psy ops door when he cold called that Syke War veteran and got the old boy to boast about the all shit he and his team of "Ritchey Boys" (German speaking Jews trained at Fort Ritchey, Maryland) got up to within minutes after the German camps were liberated by U.S. and British forces. Unfortunately, nobody has followed "denierbud's" lead in looking at the Holocaust as a psychological warfare operation that was launched by Hollywood movie magic and has been sustained by it ever since.
Nuremburg was the first time in the history of jurisprudence that motion picture film was entered as prosectorial evidence in a court of law. The Nuremburg courtroom itself was lit like a movie set so the cameras could catch the look on the faces of the defendants as they were shown "Mills of Death," a preposterous OSS/Field Photo/Signal Corps propaganda film that inferred gas poured shower heads instead of water in concentration camps. Tecnicians concealed neon lights that ran the length of the prisoner's dock so cameras could continue rolling when the house lights were dimmed for a movie screening.

In light of Putin's recent announcement in December of 2014 that Holocaust denial will also be against the law Russia now, the following speculation by "Carto's Cutless Supreme" posted at the CODOH site some time ago makes more sense now than it did when it first appeared (to me anyway). This isn't the place to get into a demographic debate over David Cole's missing 2.4 million. I just think it damn weird that Holocaust heresy is now crime in Russia. I'm certain it was made a crime in Europe because they didn't want this modern morality tale, now bordering on a secular religion, exposed. Why Russia followed suit in outlawing revisionism leads me to suspect maybe they're concealing something, too. Afterall, they were our allies and throughout the Cold War it was on their turf that the industrialized mass murder of 2.4 million of the sacred Six Million is supposed to have occurred.

"Carto's Cutlass Supreme" writes: "Do you think many Jews temporarily immigrated to the Soviet Union, and that this was kept a secret or not reported by the Soviet Union in order to keep the pro-war sentiment in the West of rescuing Jews trapped in Europe?

Then after the war, they immigrated to Israel, but when the cold war hit and Israel allied with the US, then that immigration to Israel was covered up too because any connection with the USSR looked bad?

Considering that the holocaust story was in the works by late '42, maybe the the NKVD made it secret how many Jews were accepted into the USSR to help the holocaust story."

So there is no budget for extermination camps and there is no budget for long term work camps. Then one could argue the estimates of numbers of Jews are completely wrong which satisfies no budget for extermination or Unicornville, the forensic evidence, and so forth. There was the logistical evidence from claimants for reparations after the war to the present day, and by estimates of death over the period by natural causes, the results indicated that relatively few people died, on the order thousands rather than millions.

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