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I thought you were a good writer and an inspiration for me when I discovered your site, but what did I know? I had some rather terrible judgment at the time.

I've also been light on blogging, and it's not for lack of free time. I feel like I have less to say, and not even much motivation for highlighting interesting things I read (which was mostly what I was doing on the blog).

It's customary to snark at the idea of people following through on New Years resolutions, but you've actually gotten projects like 9BB off the ground. Just writings things and putting them up sounds comparatively trivial. Although I still have a couple book reviews unfinished after more than a couple years.

"...I'm really not a very good writer..."


In any case, I'm glad you'll be continuing to update; I thought this would be a swansong post, at first. Here's to more of those prospective 9BB releases passing through the presses, too!

The more literary products that I force myself to consume, the more I find that only “bad writing” and “false starts” risk saying anything truly dangerous. It is only the authors with the courage to write awkwardly who dare to say anything new.

What I've learned from observing an ex-boyfriend is that the only way to get to writing is to accept at a profound level the fact that you are going to look like a stupid asshole from time to time. No way around it.

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