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Mitchell Heisman had a lot to say about the gift of life, pity so few have heard about him.

Oh, I remember him. Downloaded his "Note" and have entertained the notion of publishing it in some form. He really needed an editor.

I agree, I would like to see the note put into speech.

New blogs to read! By the way, a trained psychologist who has actual skill at cognitive behavioral therapy -- I'm pretty sure that's what Anderson is trying to ape, in an amateur, life-addled fashion -- would likely tell you that affirmations that you don't actually believe are ineffectual. People who know what they're doing with this stuff hint that it's only a palliative therapy, and trying to shoot unicorns out your fundament when none exist does more harm than good.

As for Mark McKinnon: yeah, dude, you are lucky. And a myopic dick. And don't forget it.

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