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Fantastic interview/article! I think HBD Chick is an excellent candidate to write the introductory book on HBD, which, I agree, we very much need.

@chip - that's a great version of a great song! (^_^)

@russell - "So long as she doesn't write it in all-lowercase, sounds fine. ;-)"

one of these days i'm gonna buy me one of those new-fangled keyboards with those fancy SHFT keys on it. (~_^)

I like the sense of "Being there when..." Watching HBD-Chick have her wicked way with data is like reading a great author or watching a great sportsman before the rest of the world realizes he is going to be great. She deserves to be (and I hope will be one day) an XXtreme Icon of Science, but she's far too lucid and far too hegemonized by logic and facts for feminists to celebrate her. Can you imagine any of them agreeing with this?:

We can try, but we’ll never manage to be fully objective about ourselves. How could we be? We can’t get out of our own heads. But at least if we try to be aware of our biases and be upfront about them – well, that would go a long way in helping to make the study of human biodiversity as unbiased as possible.

Dig yourself, Lazarus
Dig yourself, Lazarus
Dig yourself, Lazarus
Dig yourself back in that hole

@la voz - yeah, there's definately something going on upstairs.

@avis - "...for feminists...."

pffft! feminists. *roll-eyes*

many thanks for the (excessively!) kind words! (*^_^*)

I like the blog, but I just do not understand the lack of capitalization.

I'd also like to give kudos for introducing HBD-readers to the hajnal line and related phenomena of kinship. It was lurking there the whole time for someone to point out, but for some reason it fell to her.

I so closelu associate Superchunk with "Slack Motherfucker" that it almost seems strange to hear them at that tempo. Could well be closer to their modal song for all I know.

HBD chick may not be a real person. It may be Steve Sailer's female alter ego.

Why wasnt there a video interview? How do we know if all this is just staged?

I like the blog, but I just do not understand the lack of capitalization.

I like it. It's soothing, non-threatening and a good USP.

This was a very very enjoyable read. HBDchick has a refreshing voice. I need to frequent her blog more. Great interview and extremely informative.

@steve sailer is hbd chick - "HBD chick may not be a real person. It may be Steve Sailer's female alter ego."


there's been a sighting of my personage.

Shouldn't HBD Chick be wearing pants in that caricature? I mean, I don't think of her as the kind of girl who wouldn't.

"What the world is sorely in need of is an introductory book on human biodiversity ..."
IMHO, "The Bell Curve" is the one. Diversity of physical abilities, or musical ones do not require persuasion of the public; it is the diversity of cognitive ability, which needs persuasion.

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