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I'm liking the sound of the The Second Sexism: I might have to pick that up. Cheers, Chip (for that, and the Inferno linkage)!

(My firewall must've been made by a feminist: it initially blocked access to the Statesman article on the book.)

Like Gloeckner I've found the move to tie femicides with NAFTA/globalization (in "Bordertown") poorly supported.
When "pinkpaper" says that the healthcare system is failing gay men in particular, is that because they get themselves infected at higher rates? I'm inclined to agree with the Guardian reviewer that men bring their higher incarceration rate on themselves, but would she be willing to apply the same explanation to other demographic categories?

I think the femicide/globalization stuff playing out below the border is similar to the moral panic we now see over sex trafficking. Both stories are fueled by demographic changes and the idea of class-based exploitation, and to echo what I take to be Gloeckner's ground-level perspective, even when you get past the mythmaking, the truth that remains is inescapably sad.

I'm well into "The Second Sexism" and it's clear to me that Benatar's discussion of male imprisonment rates -- and ancillary issues -- is far more carefully considered and nuanced than the snide caricature presented in the Guardian piece.

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