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I initially assumed the book on car-crash culture would be something like Cronenberg's movie, but thankfully people aren't really that strange.

I believe Brottman is your first author known as an academic. I was going to ask how you came in contact with her, now I wonder how she heard of 9BB.

Is your bit on how culture changes in rising vs falling crime eras inspired by agnostic's recent monomania at Dusk in Autumn?

I chuckled at her professed surprise that anyone would find the choice of hyenas surprising.

I doubt Mikita even remembers this, but I'm pretty sure she ordered a copy of the old Hoover Hog zine back in 97 or so when I think she was acting as US liaison for the UK-based pop-cult journal, Headpress. What I know for sure is that THH #2 was subsequently reviewed in this issue. Beyond that, I know I sent her some books at some point because I'm a fan and that's how I roll.

Agnostic has gone nuts, but even if obsessive pattern recognition gets the better of him these days I don't think his pet theory is easily dismissed. If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, there was just something in the air -- apart from lead fumes -- that made life seem more dangerous and exciting. Probably because life WAS more dangerous and exciting in those days. Michael Blowhard used to write about this with keen insight.

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