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Can you explain the owl and the ostrich allusion? Is Pihlstrom the ostrich?

The owl symbolizes the quest for knowledge and truth. The ostrich buries its head in the sand.

Was great going through this, interesting, nice post.

The variation between believed and measures is blurry, and even when the variation gives way to regulation or its probability, the disagreement against start involvement is not strengthened, it is merely challenging, surprisingly, by the degree of the recommended mediation.

The Stoic perspective of loss of life, Benatar instructively tells us, continues to be perenially difficult for those who claim that loss of life is a damage to the person. Yet hundreds of decades after Epicurus and Lucretius met the reaper, their cogitations on the harmlessness of loss of life are perpended in the lighting of day, and no one problems that the penal value will be considerably improved.

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