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excellent interview... I really hope the book gets a fair reception.

Crowell gives a pretty good interview.

David Henderson on fairly teaching about holocaust revisionism:


Thanks for the link. I wrote to professor Clemons to see if he might be interested in using Crowell's book in his critical thinking class.

I think that Mr. Crowell made a fair and interesting interview However, neitheir he nor Mr Brer Rabbit carry sufficient indignation which is justfyably felt by all germans and by
descendants of germans...which includes me. I want strong protests of the deception by the jews in order to advantage themselves over a conquered people, who in present day indulge in greater atrocities that the germans ever did to them.
I'm glad that Sam has indulged in writing about the hoax. He lacks appeal, On the other hand, Zundel, Faurisson, Rudolf, Irving have established firm facts about the subject. Which by the way, even Mad Angela is beginning to recognize. I do not intend to buy Sam's book I prefer to give ($)to young Germans such as Kurt Zimmerman and Kevin Kather

Mind Hacks on how symptoms of psychosis at different times reflect the zeitgeist:

Rafael Soler: I'm a descendant of Germans, and I don't feel "indignation" about a "hoax"... I just want the facts, m'am. Not revenge. Please keep it clean and to the point -- Crowell's point was not that there was any deliberate hoax, but that in times of great stress people try to form the terrifying events around them into some kind of coherent narrative, which more often than not fails to be precisely accurate and may reflect literature/folk stories more than it reflects the facts on the ground.

I generally thought it was a good interview that would be more palatable to believers. I don't agree with everything, but I think it's almost a necessary concession to make in order to break the ice. Maybe he truly does not believe there was a conspiracy either way and that's fine with me. It is enough to talk about gas chambers alone.

I forget if you already noticed it, but here's Trevor Blake's review of the new edition of Rollins' Myth of Natural Rights & other essays:

Contra Crowell, I think the question of the number of victims is very interesting and important. Someone should conduct a survey where Holocaust survivors are asked how many family members they had at the time of the Holocaust, and how many of them died in the camps. There have been studies estimating the number of Iraqi casualties after the US invasion using this method, and the results are plausible (there was an early study in the Lancet which reported implausibly large casualties, but later and better studies have been credible).

In fact, such a study of the Holocaust could possibly be conducted as a literature survey: there are thousands of published Holocaust memoirs, and many of them discuss relatives who did or did not survive. The average percentage of Holocaust victims in each family would be a reliable estimate of the extent of the genocide.

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