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I suspect that "Slaughter" and "Havoc" are not their real surnames.

Now that I live in Chicago proper, I should visit Quimby's sometime.

I think your suspicion is half-correct. "Slaughter" is Kevin's real surname.

Quimby's is a fun shop. If you're looking for used books, check out Myopic:


Welcome to Chicago, TGGP! There's also a new bookstore on Clark in Andersonville I've been meaning to check out -- not Mothers and Daughters, heave; the new one is a block or two south.

Chip: thank you for the copy. I'll review it on my blog whenever I can make it through; I made the huge mistake of beginning ch. 1 over breakfast yesterday. It turned out to be rather a malnourished day.

Do those bookstores carry your Holocaust revisionist books as well? Just wondering if Shoah skepticism is even more toxic than pedophilia.

We discussed some of the new conventional wisdom on eastern europe in WW2 a little while back. Marginal Revolution has an excerpt:


I understand the implication, but I don't believe I've (yet) published any Holocaust revisionist books, unless you count the books by L.A. Rollins and Bradley Smith, both of which are -- or have been -- carried by the shops in question. The question of relative toxicity may be revisited when the Crowell compendium is released next year (with apologies for the unavoidable delay). I'm willing to bet that it will reach the same indie shelves, and I'm more hopeful that it will be read and engaged by those who are predisposed to suspect that it's so much worthless pseudo-scholarship. Honest people may be surprised by what they discover.


Thanks for the MR reference, which I read. I don't really take issue with Snyder's overarching thesis, except to the extent that he tacitly accepts the conventional historiography of the gassing business that I find dubious. The crux of his argument is relativist, in keeping with inevitable trends.


Sorry about ruining your breakfast. Maybe I can treat you to IHOP one of these days.

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Can I just say, this blog is what got me through the day today. Every time I read it, I just get more and more excited about whats next. Very refreshing blog and very refreshing ideas. I'm glad that I came across this when I did. I love what you've got to say and the way you say it.

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