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Regarding your essay, the more all-encompassing, the better. Is there a novelette in the works?:)

I think you linked to Random Rules youtube before.

I am almost angry that there are too many links for me to visit in one sitting (while also going through the rest of my RSS feed).

Hey, Chip--do you have any plans to publish a 9BB edition of Ego at any point?

memento vivere


I'm trying not to go long, actually, and to make the case in clean strokes. With some justification, I've been accused of wallowing, and this seems like a decent opportunity to shore things up. We'll see.


You're correct about the Random Rules vid, except this is the ORIGINAL version which I couldn't find on the last round. It's my favorite song, and I couldn't resist.


Assuming you're referring to the Stirner text, the answer is no. It's easily available in several editions, and the 9BB queue is full up for the foreseeable future. At this point, the only value in a new edition of Ego would be if it were dressed up with some fresh annotative content -- or maybe if it were done as a pop-up book.

Perusing the text of the Ligotti book at Amazon, I'm tickled to see a reference (on page 122) to a fine book by my excellent undergrad mentor:


The actual Mr. Death video is available here:

I didn't watch it, but read the transcript. Fred's stance on humane execution reminded me of Temple Grandin. Robin Hanson commented on that concern here:

Accused pedophiles from "Capturing the Friedmans" vindicated?


I think you're correct to connect Fred Leuchter and Temple Grandin's motivations (Fred strikes me as being fairly Aspergery, too). While Morris may have come to the project with preconceptions about Fred's MO as an execution design tech, the portrait that he ended up creating is in many ways disarmingly fair.

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