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I have an update to offer from the author, Chip. The publisher takes possession of the books from the printer this Friday, and pre-orders will start going out immediately after that. There's been some concern about delays, I gather, so I'm sure this will be welcome news to Mr. Ligotti's fans.

So this is the same writer that collaborated with Current 93... Where is this book available?

Off-topic: A lawyer discusses a Rwandan defense attorney accused of "genocide denial"


Yes, that's the guy. The book is (or will soon be) available through Hippocampus Press. There's a link in my intro above.


Thanks. I'll check this out.

Fumento has a short comment on the "denialist" ploy wrt scientific controversies here:


Thanks also for tipping me to the Loftus series on Slate. The subject is just endlessly fascinating, and wouldn't it be interesting if beneficent iatrogenic memories came to mark the first empirical success story for psychotherapy?

By the way, once of the reasons false memories interest me is because I have a few of my own. I'll try to explain in a short post, banking off Loftus.

I wonder if the eerie silence coming from the far reaches of space is indicative of the possibility that more advanced lifeforms have already embraced anti-natalism?

Yet what about Eternal Recurrence, could it provide a genuine antidote to pessimism?

Fantastic content in this blog. I was truly sad when I finished reading everything posted here.

"The lie? That ‘being alive is all right.’ And the unutterable secret? That life is ‘malignantly useless.’"


I can think of several rational courses of action for people who honestly believe such things.

It is almost tempting to attribute more than a modicum of courage to people who are willing to put their own neuroses and vices on such prominent display. But then again, anyone who believes that life is 'malignantly useless' and fails to take the rational course of action must either be a pathetic coward or a liar. So the temptation dissolves before it can take any real shape.

Bob: The course of action you allude to may be one rational alternative amongst others, but may not be open to everyone for a variety of what I believe are obvious reasons. Rather than recite the litany of those obvious alternatives, I'd challenge you think a bit beyond your rather superficial judgment, keeping things like fear, conditioning and empathy in mind while you do so. You might surprise yourself with what you've so facilely looked over.

This review is a nicely reflective one that catalogs an experience I suspect many others are having upon reading Conspiracy. And the experience is not a one time shot. I find myself returning to this Ligotti work in these wintry months, and I've sensed the original feelings they spurred in my mind are no less powerful than the first time.

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