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Has lung/Sabotta hacked into your blog?

I remember you used to link to the political campaign site of some goofy black veteran. It wasn't Alvin Greene (he hasn't even got a site), but I'm wondering what you think of his recent victory. I hope he wins in the general, because it will create so many opportunities to link to that Onion article I can't seem to find now.

No hackery, though lung would make a good campaign manager.

Said goofy black veteran (GBV) would be one Lee L. Mercer, Jr., whose campaign site is still online:


I cast my write-in vote for him in the 2008 general election.

Alvin Greene seems like the right man for troubled times. I'm tempted to move to South Carolina and lend him my support.

That Mercer front page tastes like so much word salad, and not the snacktastic anime type either!

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