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I think you linked to Rambling Rose before. That's okay, it's a good performance.

Yeah, it's a classic. And I'm not getting any younger.

I guess the performance is good (and I know they're a big influence on The Hives, one of my favorite bands), but what's with all those damn hippies just standing around stoned out of their minds? Makes me want to launch into a tiresome anti-boomer tirade. That intro, though, with the girl telling us "don't freak out" and how to assemble our FM stereo with the stereo equipment in the house so it'll be "like a drive-in movie"-- THAT's priceless. Retro gold.

To take it meta another level (or a different direction), what's up with the heroic casting of Smith? It wouldn't be more accurate to say that he finds his lane being this guy taking on the Shoah/Anti-communist industries? To what degree is he in an informal coordination with them (what seems to me to be the case with most dialectics, even of the extremely asymmetrical variety)?

There are a zillion epistemological options for someone trying to discover or popularize something about our larger reality. Why Smith + Holocaust/Cold War revisionism?


I find that such "informal coordination" may be readily located in the concurrent obsessions of anti-Semites and philo-Semites, but I don't really see it in Bradley's engagement with the Holocaust question. If you read Mark Oppenheimer's "The Denial Twist," it is apparent that the author is rather bored by old Bradley and his quaint idealism. By contrast, Oppenheimer can't get enough of Mark Weber, the studious anti-Semite. Bradley is reading from a different script.

At its core, Smith's work is concerned with a crisis of interpersonal communication, and his form is distinctly and crucially literary. The subject found him for reasons that latch to culture, sensibility and chance. The rest is romance. Might as well ask why Henry Miller wrote about his sexual adventures.

Though perhaps I should have begun by asking, which "Smith"?

True, Stalin's revisionists are not kept in cages, although in terms of repression those labeled Communist have suffered far more than those labeled Holocaust Denier. Nobody has sent death squads after Holocaust Deniers, as has routinely happened to those who challenge private control over resources. Millions have been killed in the name of anti-Communism.

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