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Is The Hoover Hog a Child Predator?
Oh my god, Chip Smith is Bill Sparkman!

What's the connection between kiddy-diddling and getting killed? I didn't hear of many priests winding up tied up in the woods with messages carved on their cadavers.

My hunch is that it will turn out to be a rendezvous that took an ugly turn. Such cases are not that uncommon - we had one in my neck of the woods not long ago - and they often involve the "type." I'm by no means convinced that Sparkman was an active diddler, but men seek out proxies, privately and at personal risk. It makes the most sense to me. It could also have been a revenge thing.

I know I could be wrong, and that's why I'm only betting a beer. My sense is that if it weren't for politics, the SVU scenario would seem plausible. Which is why the case is Hogworthy.

Having been wandering precipitately around the Right circles for years now, it was obvious to myself, and anyone who cares to make themselves aware of rightwing's unfortunately, ever diminishing capacity for violence, in general, that this incident was not politically motivated.

Stacy McCain is a genuine newshound, one wishes he'd concentrate on individual case reporting like this one, rather than churning out banal political commentary.

"Suicide eyed in Ky. census worker case"

Interesting. We shall see.

Sparkman's graduation speech:

Whoops, I think that's rather a commencement speech in Utah for the online university from which he obtained his degree.

"Probers eye census worker's insurance"

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