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Thanks, I appreciate your appreciation. I'm rarely focused enough to write essays, but I figured I'd have to write something about the Bell Curve, and coming across the Loury bio gave me a great subject. I didn't know how good the timing was, as Walter Block didn't get in trouble for his talk at Loyola until afterward.

When I first encountered you I didn't have a job and was deadset on distracting myself from how I was to get one. It did indeed involve very little sleep, and when it came about that one day a week I needed to be up by 9:00 I had to knock myself out the night before with Kentucky Straight Bourbon. I don't get as much sleep as I ought to now, but I'm modestly more responsible and less short-term self-indulgent. Before I couldn't stop if there was an unexplored link of interest, but now I have to prioritize and acknowledge tradeoffs.

"as if it were a dangerous but charming dive bar just outside city limits."

More like a after-hours club where the walls are inevitably painted black and red, the owner's art is prominently on display (also rendered mainly in black and red, with heavy reliance on barbed wire), the "DJ" has four CDs of gothic-industrial MP3's and plays them in the same order every night (if you hear "Bela Lugosi Is Dead" it must be 3 o'clock) and if you are very cool and know the right people you may be allowed to purchase a small zip-lock baggie containing a gram of ground-up aspirin and laundry soap. "Don't do this shit all at once" admonishes DJ C. Smith as he hands you your purchase "there's some really dangerous thinking in here!"

Hey, we were never friends to begin with! But it's all good.


J. Sabotta


I'll own the black & red motif, but I'm afraid the juke is full of old wax. The Ink Spots and Peggy Lee. And those baggies -- cut with 50% Substance D. Guaranteed.

Your site is poison science, man. I got lost for an hour.

Peace, Isolation, Purity.


From a nearby water cooler Eric got a cup, filled it, mouthed a capsule, and raised the Dixie cup.

'That's the recently altered JJ-180 formula,' the clerk said, watching him keenly. 'I better tell you, now that I see it's for yourself.' He was all at once pale.

Lowering the cup of water, Eric said, 'Altered how?'

'Retains the addictive and liver-toxic properties but the time-freeing hallucinations are gone.' The clerk explained, 'When the 'Starmen came in here they ordered our chemists to reconstruct the drug; it was their idea, not ours.'

'Why?' In the name of God, what good was a drug consisting of nothing but addictive and toxic properties?"


(That's actually someone else's site)

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