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IMDB says El Gran Tabu came out in 2007. I think I've seen some youtubes from it.

It's in post production, though a rough cut was shown at the Corto Creativo Film Festival last year. It was well received, despite some eventual fallout.


I'm pretty sure that, a heterodox-oriented guy like you, will appreciate the writings of this guy.


I don't know what happened to Stagliano but according to Greenwald the Feds have just sentenced a porn producer for depicting fictional acts that the government does for real on detainees.


I'm on the case, actually. You might want to do some research your own self. When "fictional acts" make young girls vomit and bleed and cry, the First Amendment tongue-clucking has dim resonance, however necessary it may remain. There's a shade of confession missing from these safely distanced legalistic apologies that a buyer's market understands in guarded privacy.

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