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Regarding the psychological analysis of proponents of non-normative ideas- I suppose we might come off looking...er...non-normative? I read an essay a couple years back in some psychology magazine concerning the relationship between mental 'health', and self-deception. The link was strong, and in fact, the treatments for depression (beyond the chemical kind) called for learning to lie to one's self. That ability was actually indicative of progress! I've even had conversations with people who were fully aware that they were doing this, and had no problems with it at all, since it made them feel better.

I don't suppose I should really have a problem with this; you know, live and let live. However, this almost universal trait of interpreting the world through platitudes allows people to justify to themselves the act of procreation, thus feeding the beast of suffering and mortality, which is the side of life that we all too adroitly ignore. And ignore it we do. The really interesting aspect of the dialogue between folks like myself and the 'normal', is that the issues I (we) bring up are always, always, always sidestepped. Responses are generally non-sequiturs, and/or emotive; fueled not by reason, but by an almost primal aversion to even acknowledging that there's a conversation to be had. And as ostensibly interesting as questioning the personal motivations behind ANY philosophical position is, I've usually found this approach to be of the red-herring variety; a way to avoid the real weight of the opponent's argument.

The arguments for antinatalism are clear, and straightforward. And now I find myself questioning the motivations behind people like Michael Cook; I suspect such knee-jerk dismissals are often fueled by an intuitional knowledge that I'm right. That the antinatalist argument is rubbing up against some sensitive places; breaches in the armor wrought of rose-colored outlooks, and wishful thinking.

Anyhow, Chip- enjoyed the conversations over at 'the bear's'. Where next to carry our 'conspiracy'? (Can't help but chuckle at Stillman's paranoid allusions...hehehe!)

Glad to see the comments open. Don't have anything else to say, as I said it at the Bear.

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