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He already had a definition for Zionist propaganda ('Hebrew National Baloney. A commonly used synonym for "Zionist propaganda is "the news."'). I remember him discussing that he had both Zionist and Nazi ("Lies that limp as they goosestep; Goebelled information") propaganda definitions, but the Nazi one didn't appear in the republished/expanded Lexicon. Torture was defined as "Ways of making people talk, after they've stopped screaming". Objectivist had a long definition. Locke had the first part of that definition, as did gullible. Corporation was simply stolen from Ambrose Bierce. Conspiracy theory had a more credible credulous take on the subject.

The old "corporation" definition (in the original edition of Lucifer's Lexicon and in the 9BB reprint) wasn't "stolen"; it was explicitly attributed to Bierce. And this here is a casual open mike scene, where the comic gets to try out new material and work out the kinks in old jokes.

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